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Awards and Merit Badges

The JCR Design and Consulting Web site pages have won a few awards and kudos from various sources.

This page lists some press reports about this site that we are aware of, as well as "Merit Badges," those little graphics awarded for site excellence by Web review and criticism organizations.

Press Kudos

"The Campaign to Stop Junk Email by JCR Design and Consulting. Includes an excellent 'Victim's Primer', easy-to-understand prevention steps, an index of media articles on the subject, an essay, 'Why You Shouldn't Advertise by Bulk Email: Guidance for Internet Marketers,' and an index to a vast number of anti-junk-e-mail sites. "
MacInTouch; "MacInTouch Special Reports: Spam and Scam Resources" by Ric Ford

"'What makes junk e-mail so irritating to people is that most of the costs are borne by the recipients,' says John C. Rivard, a computer professional who maintains a scrupulous Web page devoted to the 'anti-spam' campaign."
The Bergen Record; "Computer users declaring war on junk e-mail" by Robert Gebeloff, June 8, 1997

"For more technical help rooting up the sources of spam, see Internet consultant John C. Rivard's Stop Junk Email site, which includes an excellent step-by-step guide to tracing spam...."
C|Net, Features; "How to: Stop Spam" by Michelle V. Rafter, December 19, 1996

"There's been an explosion of anti-junk-email sites, and experts say it reflects the frustration... of Netizens about junk email. One site, Stop Junk Email offers tips such as "stay calm, get mad, and fire."
C|Net, News.com; "Junk email victims fight back" by Jeff Pelline, November 12, 1996

"The Stop Junk E-mail Web site is a good resource for learning more about the dynamics of spamming. It includes a frequently asked questions area covering the hows and whys of junk E-mail and ways to keep the spammers away."
PC Week Online Net Resources section; "No spams: Online guides to thwarting junk E-mail" by Jeff Frentzen, Monday, October 14, 1996

"There are sites on the World Wide Web that offer plenty of other suggestions from computer-savvy folks about dealing with junk e-mail. One of the best is run by JCR Design and Consulting at http://www.mcs.com/~jcr/index.html, where a detailed account of the phenomenon is available."
The Chicago Tribune Binary Beat section; "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...or Just Block Junk" by James Coates (online version no longer available), Sunday, September 30, 1996

"John Rivard of Chicago created a "No Junk Mail" symbol and posted it on a Web site for his JCR Design & Consulting company. He said he hoped that visitors to his site would post the symbol on their own home pages to make known their opposition to bulk e-mail."
The New York Times Cybertimes section; "AOL's War on Junk E-Mail Escalates, but to Little Avail" by David J. Wallace (free registration required to access full text online), Thursday, September 26, 1996

"Like many people who have used e-mail for a long time to exchange messages with friends, family and colleagues, Chicago graphic artist John C. Rivard fears today's relatively minor annoyance of 10 unwanted messages could become tomorrow's 10,000 as the Internet grows....

'Junk e-mail is a growing irritation, but it is rapidly becoming a serious problem as the volume continues to grow,' said Rivard, who in February established the "Stop Junk E-mail" Web site (http://www.mcs.com/(tilde)jcr/junkemail.html). 'It seems to be growing exponentially. The sheer number of unwanted e-mail messages will soon be overwhelming people's e-mail boxes, clogging legitimate mail and wasting time and money.'"
The Chicago Sun Times Business section; "Rising tide of `junk' e-mail threatens to swamp Internet" by Howard Wolinski (online version no longer available), Tuesday, September 10, 1996

Merit Badges

UK Online Recommended
The Campaign to Stop Junk Email pages were a UK Online's featured site for the week of 11 November 1996
It was also declared Gard Certified
[Useful Cool badge]
It was the Useful Cool Useful site for Thursday, April 24, 1997
[Guardian Site of the Day Badge]
And the Guardian's Site of the Day for Saturday, June 6, 1998


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