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JCR Design and Consulting specializes in Internet and new media technology and cultural issues, especially in the areas of Internet presence and marketing, graphic design, multimedia, information design, and human-computer interaction ("human interface design"). We help our clients design an efficient, integrated communication strategy by using a combination of traditional and new media tools.

JCR Design and Consulting works with our clients to develop and maintain an effective online presence by helping them understand which tools are the most effective to meet their goals in the Internet environment. We help our clients present a consistent organizational identity through well-designed marketing tools like newsletters, mailings, Web sites, and email.

You can contact us at info@jcrdesign.com


John Rivard has been active online via the Internet and its predecessors since 1985, and he founded JCR Design and Consulting in 1988 to explore the potential of new media technology and its impact on design, marketing, and culture.

Rivard holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan, where his studies focused on cognitive psychology and perception, communication, and graphic art.

Rivard has served as site designer, graphic and human-interface designer, and consultant for various Web projects. His Web sites have received awards including UK Online's Featured Site for the Week, Useful Cool's Useful Site of the Day, The Guardian's Site of the Day, and Links2Go's Key Resource Award.

He is well-versed in the technical issues surrounding the World Wide Web and networking, as well as the culture of the Internet. Rivard has given presentations on Internet privacy and encryption, marketing techniques, and Internet software tools. He is beta tester for several Internet software publishers, and is active in the movement to control junk email. His comments and writing about Internet issues have appeared in such online and traditional print media as C|Net, PC Week Online, The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times. He has helped numerous individuals and organizations to get online and develop a presence on the Internet.

John Rivard can be reached directly at jcr@jcrdesign.com

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