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Free Services

JCR Design and Consulting offers some free services through this Web site, as a way of giving back to the Internet community in the cooperative and collaborative spirit that has made the Internet such a success.

We hope that you find these to be useful tools.

The Campaign to Stop Junk Email Web site. This was one of the earliest "anti-spam" resources available on the Internet, and has received wide praise from the media and individual users. It evolved from a short treatise and list of strategies for combating unsolicited commercial email, to a full-blown Web site in its own right, receiving over one hundred hits per day totalling more than 100,000 hosts from all over the world.

The Blink-free home page attempts to convince Web authors to avoid one of the cheesier options available for page design.

Our Macintosh Business Case is intended to arm graphic designers and creative professionals with the evidence they need to convince Windows-centric management to give them the best tools for the job.


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