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All Web pages on this site and their contents pages are Copyright ©1995-2002 John C. Rivard. This page and all pages associated with this site, HTML Code, text, and associated graphic elements are protected under U.S. and other national and international copyright laws.


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Reproduction for academic, non-profit, non-commercial, and personal use is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear. All other rights reserved.

We are not charging for this, and neither can you. If you want to sell this material, include it as part of a compilation or collection, or republish it in any way, you have to negotiate with me first. This specifically includes (but is not limited to) "Best"-Outdated-ShovelWare-from-the-Net-type CD-ROMS, as well as FAQ collections for which access costs money (on AOL or CompuServe, for example).

We encourage you to provide hypertext links to this site if you find it useful. We'd appreciate (but don't insist on) an email telling us you did so, and where to find your page.

Certain graphic elements on this site (specifically, the Campaign to Stop Junk Email logos) are licensed under more lenient terms.

Other Copyrights

Other elements on this Web site are owned by their respective copyright and trademark holders, and are licensed or otherwise used with permission.

The image of people digging used on the Page Creation page is Copyright ©1995 PhotoDisc, Inc. The image of telegraph poles used in the Internet SIG page is Copyright ©1996 PhotoDisc, Inc. The image "Winter Tree Silhouette" used on the main home page is copyright ©1999 PhotoDisc, Inc. You need to buy a license from them if you want to use their photos.

Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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