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JCR Design and Consulting specializes in Internet and new media technology and cultural issues, especially in the areas of Internet presence and marketing, graphic design, multimedia, information design, and human-computer interaction ("human interface design"). We help our clients design an efficient, integrated communication strategy by using a combination of traditional and new media tools.

JCR Design and Consulting works with our clients to develop and maintain an effective online presence by helping them understand which tools are the most effective to meet their goals in the Internet environment. We help our clients present a consistent organizational identity through well-designed marketing tools like newsletters, mailings, Web sites, and email. We have helped numerous individuals and organizations to get online and develop a presence on the Internet.


Corporate Identity

  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Marketing
  • Internet presence development
  • Internet Marketing


  • Web site design
  • Graphic design
  • Human-interface design and analysis
  • Information design
  • Web consulting

Information Management

  • Research
    Special project design and management
  • Communications and management
  • Information Specialist
  • Trade show presence



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