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Buzzword Bingo

You can print this bingo card and take with you to your next meeting.
Mark off the buzzwords as you hear them; the Autonomous Domain square is a free space.
If you get five in a row (up, down, or diagonally), stand up and shout "Bingo!" You've won!

Click Reload to generate a new Buzzword Bingo card.

Sorry, your browser does not interpret JavaScript™. Go to Netscape for a copy of Netscape Navigator.

This page dynamically draws a new Bingo! card when loaded. You must enable you browser's JavaScript feature to see the card. This page does not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.xx.

This page begs, borrows, and blatantly steals from Karl Geiger’s Business Buzzword Bingo JavaScript™ code and Web page. Used with Karl’s kind permission.






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